Album Review: Various Artists – Eurodance The Metal Way (Antichrist Magazine)

A quick review as you can check out the whole shebang below as all all fifteen tracks are part of a free release!

There are a few bands around these days doing the odd dancey metal number (Eskimo Cowboy are making a career of it) but not that many covers of “classic” 80s/90s dance tracks that I can find. Well, step forward Antichrist Magazine who have arranged for a bevy of bands to record original recordings of some of the cheesiest nonsense using proper instruments.

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And, blow me, if they don’t work surprisingly well. There are maybe half that I recognise from my misspent youth, and the rest are new to me, but it’s clear that the bands have gone in with their tongues in cheeks and hearts in the right place. None of these takes the piss, they’re well done, well produced cover versions with I’d love to have the original artists and fans listen to. It’s a piece of fun, but done extremely well.

Because there are so many different bands on here, we also get treated to a variety of metal genres. There folk metal, thrash, black, death… all represented and turning their talents to this project.

It’s been a while since I enjoyed a bunch of genre-hopping covers so much. So scroll down, hit play and soak in an hour or so of summer dance tunes which have been made a touch more black.

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