Album Review: Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

Vancouver Island’s Spiritbox finally deliver their highly anticipated debut album.

Named after the device capable of communicating with the dead, there’s is very much a sense of the paranormal running through all that Spiritbox do. Case in point is opening track “Sun Killer” which has ethereal tones combined with crushing riffs. This leads into my absolute favourite track of the album “Hurt You” which has a wonderful fierce intensity to it.

Guest vocals from Architects frontman, Sam Carter, feature on the track “Yellowjacket”. They provide yet another layer to this album which quite honestly further justifies just how much praise and attention it’s had since its release.

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“Secret Garden” is super catchy and for me personally has some real Lacuna Coil vibes pushing through. This is another track that has been on repeat which is not surprising as it’s just one of their multi-million streamed singles. “Silk in the Strings” and “Holy Roller” complement each other perfectly, and I love the drum and bass parts in the latter. Both are crushing which really opens up for the slower title track “Eternal Blue”.

Another change of pace for “We Live in a Strange World”. Now this track needs to heard by everyone, regardless of what genre of music you listen to, as it’s a wonderful crossover track and it’s one I would and have recommended to people who I know don’t really listen to heavier music.

The three remaining tracks (“Halcyon”, “Circle With Me”, and “Constance”) really finish the album amazingly well and leave the listener feeling they’ve been part of a special musical journey.

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Vocalist, Courtney LaPlante shares:

I must say that although we never intended to wait so long to do this record, I think it did help the songs become stronger. I am so happy with every single song, I wish I could release each one as a single with a music video. They all reflect different moments and influences in our lives.

We have had enough time to release the exact music we would like to put out into the world, with no need to compromise. Every single note and every single syllable is the music that we have always dreamed of making and we are very proud of it.

Every track creates a lasting emotional connection.

Eternal Blue is out now

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