Album Review: The Rumjacks – Hestia

Australian Celtic punks The Rumjacks released their latest bouncy belter on March 12th and we just had to make sure you heard about it. Featuring 14 tracks of catchy madness, it’s a great album for fans of Dropkick Murphys et al.

I love myself a bit of music to jig and kick people to, so it’s always nice to add a new band to the available roster… especially when they’re as good as this. You’re thrown right into the dance moves with “Naysayers” which exposes the band’s punk leanings. The sound, vocals in particular, are a bit more “classic punk” than Dropkick as is the little guitar riff about a minute in. The lyrics, though, are bang on for this genre, being a song about people.

“Bullhead” has a cracking beat to it that encourages arm-swinging and spinning your partner around. 100% bounceability! You can check out title track “Hestia” below, and it’s got a pleasantly gentle intro just to set it apart from previous single “Sainted Millions” to give you an idea of The Rumjack’s range.

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I could go through each track and just say “bouncy, catchy, belter” for each one, and it would be true. “Rhythm of Her Name” is the only one that stands out as being hugely different, the Celtic punk equivalent of the album’s obligatory ballad. Not to say that is isn’t hugely enjoyable in its own right.

“Lizzie Borden” will give you more than 40 whacks, “Athens to the North” is simply anthemic and any album that can finish on a song like “Goodnight & Make Mends” is just asking to be flicked back to track one and played through again and again.

This is, simply, a hugely enjoyable singalong monster. Love it to bits!

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