Album Review: The Chris Rolling Squad – Cannonball Holocaust

This one just popped into our mailbox and I loved the album title so here we are! The band claim to be “The missing link between Bo Diddley and Slayer” and I like that. They play a blend of rock n’ roll and fast heavy metal. I’d not quite class it as thrash, but it isn’t far off in places. Motorhead meets Volbeat is another obvious reference point.

They don’t waste time getting going, either, with “Wild Time” setting the pace as the three-piece shove their right feet down. Typically of most of the songs, it clocks in at under three minutes. Their plan seems to be to get in quick, rattle some skulls, and get back out again. Just as you’re getting a sweat on, the song ends and a further barrage hits you.

Each one like a 50-cal, they come thick and fast and cause untold damage. “Hate 2000 Blues”, “Trapped Inside”… “Bring Down The Hammer” is almost a respite with a brighter, cleaner guitar tone but it’s hardly a ballad.

While many bands write songs that start off fast but then sneakily slow down while the musicians take a breather, Chris Rolling and his mates don’t cheat. Almost every number starts off like a dragster and they don’t stop until that quarter mile is hit.

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Honestly, I could just go through the tracks but it’s quicker for you to listen to the whole album than it is for me to write about it. And listen to it you should, definitely!

Header image by Jesse Pollet

Cannonball Holocaust is out now with vinyl versions available from Bandcamp

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The Chris Rolling Squad: facebook | instagram | bandcamp | spotify

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