Album Review: Animal Schoolbus – Going to Grammy’s House 2021

Animal Schoolbus is a novelty act of sort, but the kind cool, awesome, heartwarming novelty act that you’re glad came along and hope stays for some time. Featuring a lead vocalist who’s only nine years old (and only two when she made her first recording), and with her dad covering all instrumental duties this is a pretty unique family combo.

The album consists of fourteen songs recorded in those “terrible twos”, three new numbers from more recently and a couple of live recordings just to prove that Princess Beast really can ‘core it up with the best of them. The older songs have been remixed / remastered hence the “2021” tag in the album title.

Simply, this is grindcore. As such, expect brutality, harsh lyrics, short running lengths and songs about fruit snacks and teddy bears. OK, so the last bit’s not quite standard grind territory, but you have to branch out, right? In honesty, the vocals are really damn creepy. This is often something that grindcore really aims for, but doesn’t quite manage as it ends up being too silly and fun. But having a naturally high-pitched (2 year old girl’s) voice regurgitating lyrics is a little bit like walking into a room and seeing a cute kid stabbing one of their dollies while repeating “The voices made me do it” over and over again. It just adds that extra layer of “wrong”.

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All the songs are short, abrasive and fun. Where I was really impressed was hopping between the studio and live versions. Princess Beast really does nail it on stage, not just singing the songs but giving the crowd shit as well! A shame she’s probably just a bit too young to hit the international touring circuit just yet.

For $5 (about £3.60 in a proper currency), you can’t go wrong. Support the next generation (arguably the one after next, she’s that flipping young)!

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Going To Grammy’s House is out on April 30th and available to pre-order now (only $5!)

Animal Schoolbus: facebook | bandcamp

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