EP Review: Deliberate Miscarriage – Ghost Of Christmas Blast

A short release – three tracks – so a short review to go with it, but I just had to throw up (excuse the terminology) some words about this wonderfully sickening little collection. Released on Boxing Day and toying with Disney’s litigation department with that album sleeve, Ghost of Christmas Blast is as festive as being kicked in the face by Satan.

Deliberate Miscarriage are based in South Wales like some other heavy bands we are very familiar with, and have a demo out on Bandcamp as well as this release. I gave it a quick listen to compare the two and Ghost Of Christmas Blast definitely hits all the right deathy notes in terms of production. It’s at the thrashier end of the death metal scale, with nicely growled but intelligible (if disturbing) lyrics.

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“Splattered Toddlers” wastes no time in getting going before detailing the carnivorous wishes of the antagonist (in simple speak, it’s fast and heavy and is all about killing children and eating them). A more laid back bass intro gets “Masochistic Masturbation” going, but that doesn’t last long. It’s a nicely varied track with some meandering riffs mixed with absolute headbanging fury. I’ll let you figure out what it’s about.

“Infested Reanimated” is the kind of song you get at the end of a full album where you just think the band can’t pull off another belter… and they do.

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Ghost Of Christmas Blast isn’t meant to be taken seriously (I hope), but the musicianship certainly has been. It’s throwaway over-the-top death/thrash, and it’s precisely this combination that makes it so enjoyable. You put it on, you revel in the crushing silliness and you wish there were another six or seven tracks.

Only £3 on Bandcamp!

Deliberate Miscarriage: facebook | bandcamp

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