Album Review: Reverse – Deadlocked

Reverse are a new band on us, but have been doing the rounds in Germany since 2004. They badge themselves as purveyors of “grunge / punk” and Deadlocked exemplifies this crossover perfectly.

Deadlocked is a very easy album to get into. It’s rough around the edges, visceral, but contains ten songs which are catchy as all hell. Every one is a toe-tapper, a head-nodder and a party-starter. Production is raw but tight, letting the saw-edged punkiness show itself without sounding cheap or rushed.

Some of the songs are more punky (“Fake”), others more grungy (“Suicidal Happiness”) while the majority feature the best aspects of both genres. “Goodbye”, the lead single which you can check below, is a prime example of this. A short L7-esque intro leading into some boppy punk sounds.

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There are no pretences here. Reverse are out to grab your ears and make you listen to what they’ve created, and they’ve made it easy for you to fall victim. I actually had fun listening to this album!

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Deadlocked is available now

Reverse: facebook | instagramspotify | youtube

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