Album Review: Dying Sun – DoomsdayCometh

If you think the Sunshine Coast would be all bright and shiny and people being happy then… well, you’d be right. But that’s not because Dying Sun aren’t trying their best to doom it down a little bit. Release on Boxing Day just gone, DoomsdayCometh is their debut album and the title could be worryingly prophetic. But, hey, if you’re heading for the end you may as well have a good soundtrack, right?

In fairness, Dying Sun have gone for the more uptempo kind of doomy hard rock / metal. Hopping from downbeat misery to churning, bouncy rhythms they’re a miserable bunch of bastards who you can actually party with. Nod your head (while supping a cold one, obvs) to the bass-driven parts of “Serpent Rising”, for instance, then chugging the rest of the pint before “Forked Tongue Devil” kicks in and the dancefloor goes wild.

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I mean, if you want to go full-on misery then “Fall To Ashes” is as heavy as it gets, backed by “Deepest Winter” which could have snow falling from Noosa Heads to Pelican Water. Or you could funk it up and bop to the bass-led fuzz of “Feel The Need”.

DoomsdayCometh is all about downtuning in all its glory without being limited to sounding like a miserable sod. Well, most of the time. It’s doom with a smile and it’s worryingly addictive. As ever, we’re staggered by the kind of music that bands are putting out as debuts, often only within months of meeting up. Add this one to the “how the hell did they manage that?” pile.

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Dying Sun: facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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Matt D.
Matt D.
January 13, 2021 9:53 AM

Impressive resume there Mosh!!!!!