Album Review: Bloody Hammers – Songs of Unspeakable Terror

Nearly a decade on from their debut release, which still resonates with me, the pairing of Angers Magna and Devallia that form the occult rock Bloody Hammers return with their sixth studio album – Songs of Unspeakable Terror

Right from the outset, the album is full-on retro horror, from the drive-in movie poster album art to the aptly-named tracks which feature some classic movie titles.

I was expecting a brooding intro to this album but was I got instead was the feel of the Misfits with opener “A Night to Dismember” which really blew me away. I already was tapping away enthusiastically when the familiar riffs I know and love from the band make an appearance in “Hands of The Ripper”.

WOW!!!! The bassline! “Witchfinder General” is fast patched and a total earworm. This is easily the track of the album for me.

The first horror-esque intro on the album is reserved for “Not of this Earth” which has some wonderfully wicked elements, the pair then change pace with “The Ones Who Own the Dark”.

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Resurrecting the horror-punk feel from earlier, “Waking the Dead” crawls out to invoke the urge to sing along after hitting repeat a few times before the gothic-tinged “Night of Witch” comes into flight.

So far with this album, it’s been full throttle which doesn’t change for “We Are the Damned”. I particularly enjoyed the drum pattern and backing vocals on this. I am always going to be incredibly swayed when a track is named after one of my all-time favorite movies. “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” once again has the influence of The Misfits running throughout.

Every Bloody Hammers album needs a slower track, it’s something that I have looked for on every single album since falling in love with the final track from the debut album “Don’t Breathe A Word”. I didn’t think it was going to happen but then a candle was lit and “Lucifer’s Light” appeared.

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To be honest, if the album had ended there I would’ve been ok with that, but the band have other ideas and present their last offering “I Spit On Your Corpse”.

For me, these songs of unspeakable terror only bring the joy of the darkest kind.

Songs of Unspeakable Terror is released by Napalm Records on 15th January 2021

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