EP Review: Gob Patrol – New Spit

Punk rock outfit Gob Patrol have released a new EP titled New Spit. The Vegas outfit is clearly influenced by the 1980s punk bands – Minor Threat comes to mind in terms of sound. Gob Patrol has stuck very much to the old-school punk style which I’m very much a fan of. The idea of Gob Patrol started in 2018 with Jay the guitarist meeting the singer Slam in Las Vegas over a discussion of punk rock bands. They soon found bass player Gogo and drummer Cody.

Opening things up with “Fucked up Again”, straight away you can hear the 80s sound come right at you, courtesy of the fast paced riff from lead guitarist Jay. Vocalist Slam comes screaming at you at full volume with such aggression grit, it’s not a stretch to think this might have been from the 1980s. They have captured everything about the period so well in the music, and add to that a deep heavy sounding bassline and some frantic drum work which give this track a real raw feeling.

“Supposed to Do”… The opening sound from the drums combined with more powerful guitar work with Jay leading from the front. It really helps drive the track on with more deep sounding bass lines and even more, raw aggression and vocal power from Slam makes this track a really good pure punk track.

“Anarchy” is the lead track from the EP. It’s another frantically-paced riff-driven monster of a track. The vocal style on this track has more of a snarl and roar to it. The deep groove of the bass gives the track a real punch and shapes it. It’s clear to see why the band chose this as the lead single.

“She wants Some More” is another track that comes right out and hit you right in the face. The vocals of Slam further reinforce the raw power this track has at its core and this is displayed well on the gang vocal chorus. The bass sounds add more punch to the track’s sound.  The track drives on, never losing any of its power – it’s short sharp and to the point.

Finishing things out is “Sin City”. The guitars come at you straight away and push the track again at a frantic pace.  Along with a very catchy drum beat combined to that the vocal work on the shouted gang vocals. In the drum work here you can feel the power drummer Cody is putting into his work. It brings everything to a crashing end in the most punk way possible.

I’m now a big Gob Patrol fan. I love the 80s style the band uses in their music, I love the fact this whole EP is about ten minutes long. It all fits very much into the punk aesthetic. New Spit is a throwback to a time and place where punk was still in its heyday. I’m looking forward to what comes next, hopefully a full album.

New Spit is available now via Riot Records

Gob Patrol: facebook | instagram | youtube

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