Album Review: Voivod – Lost Machine Live

Following our recent chat with Michel “Away” Langevin from Voivod, it’s clear that nothing is stopping their momentum in working on their projects. The band’s recent release, Lost Machine Live is the latest while they’re working on their 15th studio LP. Recorded live in Voivod’s stomping ground Québec City last Summer, the album is sure to be a fun treat for the fans.

Opening the album is the fading in swell of atmospheric sci-fi sounds (snippets from throughout Voivod’s history blended together) as the crowd cheers and chants for the band. The anticipation is high, and after the familiar robotic declaration of “We are connected!” the band burst into the first number “Post Society”. The energy is high as the band thrash into “Psychic Vacuum” and “Obsolete Beings”. From the first few songs in the set, it’s evident that the band are on fire. The performance is tight and their distinct sound translates well live, with each element standing out on its own throughout each song. The reverb added by the venue creates a bigger ambience than the studio recordings which complements Voivod’s sound nicely without muddying the instruments or vocals at all.

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Amid applause from the crowd, Snake invites the crowd to party and dance as they rock out to “The Prow” before bringing back the more technical and moody vibes of “Iconspiracy”. The second single/video from Lost Machine Live, it’s fun to see the band headbanging and playing with the trippy effects and Away’s signature artwork expertly layered onto the live footage to complement the song. It’s also cool to see just how tight Voivod are playing, especially watching Chewy play the more intricate sections up close and Snake’s expressive vocal delivery. The same can be said for the other two singles/videos, number one being “The Lost Machine” and number three being “Overreaction”, where the performances continue to be on point both sonically and visually.

The rest of the album continues to include a mix of the Voivod’s more recent material like “The End of Dormacy” and “Fall” as well as classics like “Into My Hypercube” and their stellar cover of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine”, each one played tight and dynamically. The heavy, fast and technical moments stand out from the calmer ones, perfectly capturing the contrast of the controlled chaos and the eerily ethereal onstage. The set ends with a final blast of Voivod’s namesake tune, complete with crowd chants throughout making for a fun final number.

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Lost Machine – Live is a great showcase of Voivod’s energetic performances. The band are firing on all cylinders following the past few releases and it shows on this live album. It’s been a long time for many since they last went to a show, and Lost Machine Live is sure to get fans fired up for when gigs return. Hopefully it won’t be too long until Voivod hit the road again!

Lost Machine – Live is available now via Century Media

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