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Knifes were born in front of 50,000 people in Brazil, this is when roadies start a band. Ben Young, the vocalist and guitarist of Knifes, stood in for Brad Deslon, the lead guitarist of Linkin Park. Young began writing while working as the roadie of Linkin Park up until the sad passing of Chester Bennington. He teamed with Warren Johnson, another roadie of Linkin Park.

The two worked for Fall out Boy and and then the duo became a trio as Brian Diaz (Pete Wentz’s long-time bass tech) joined the fold and Knifes were born. By this time the three collectively have worked for the likes of Guns n’ Roses, Slipknot, Deftones, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy. Currently Ben and Warren still work for Fall out Boy while Brian is with Slipknot.

The three got together and finally created their first five-track EP, Proof of Concept, an EP influenced by the grunge icons of yesteryear. The thing I like is each song has its personality. “The Comedown” opens the fray with a good dollop of riffs. “Disambiguation” is very much in the mould of Blink 182. Ben’s vocals change throughout, hearing influences from the bands they worked for. The Aimee Mann cover “Wise up” is a highlight for me. Ben Young’s added another bow to his vocal skills by giving us a Mike Patton influenced vocal range and, I effin love it.

Look… It’s out NOW! And if you think grabbing some friends and writing an album could be for you then it may be worth checking out this guide.

Knifes: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp

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