Album Review: Cult Burial – Cult Burial

Following on from the well-received Sorrow EP, London’s Cult Burial are now set to ascend in darkness further with their self-titled debut album.

Opener “Dethroner” wastes little time introducing the band’s intention of destruction and annihilation which is further confirmed with the savagery of César Moreira’s vocal delivery.

Lead single “Moribund” is a phenomenal piece of music that manages to incorporate all the aspects of the OSDM sound whilst still bringing something new – the drums in particular for me really stand out and combined with the next track and my particular favorite “Chaos”  shows of the flawless execution Simon Langford’s composition.

The absolutely dominant “Abyss” crashes into the slow brooding “Plague” and with a title like “Kill” I fully expected an absolute assault on the senses, but its surprising tempo and nature pairs perfectly with the previous offering.

The assault I was expecting didn’t keep me waiting long as “End” (although not the final track) delivered with its ferocity, penultimate track “Forever”  has some great solo pieces reminiscent of Death, and finally, the album wraps up with “Sorrow” which not only has a fantastic death/doom feel to it but is fitting to the vision of the album’s cover artist Legerdemain.

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A very new and welcome visceral nightmare.

Cult Burial is out November 6th 

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