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Album Review: Cadaver – Edder & Bile

Be warned! Norway’s Cadaver are back and looking to impale skulls on spikes with their new album Edder & Bile.

It’s been 16 years since founding member and mastermind Anders Odden last created his own savage soundscape. This time he isn’t alone as he has teamed up with Dirk Verbeuren, formerly of Soilwork.

Snarling opener “Morgue Ritual” may be an unrelenting onslaught, but if ever there was an example to showcase a new member then others should take notes because this is 100% how it should be done. Check out the video on YouTube – we can’t embed it here directly as it’s age restricted, so we’d advise against popping it on in the office!

The guest slot tracks then appear with “Circle Of Morbidity” which features Jeff Becerra from Possessed, and “Feed The Pigs” for which they are joined by Massacre’s Kam Lee.

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The sheer defiance of “Final Fight” almost demands that I make it my highlight track, so who am I to argue? This is then followed by the juggernaut “Deathmachine”.

“Reborn” is easily the catchiest track of the album as it contains some fantastic guitar pieces, and alongside “The Pestilence” would probably be given the most radio airplay due to their structure.

Title track “Edder & Bile” swoops in to collect the skulls I mentioned earlier, the track is slower and more purposeful but still lurking menace, and “Years of Nothing” wants to make you deliberately wake up at dawn with the bleak cold fog and wander in the woodland.

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Finally, the swirling riffs in “Let Me Burn” feel like a coiled snake ready to strike.

A darkened primal attack on the senses.

Edder & Bile is out November 27th

Cadaver: facebook | instagram

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