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EP Review: Bloodbather – Silence (and new video!)

Formed in Broward County, Florida in 2018 they aptly titled Bloodbather have been pushing metal in a whole new direction by fusing deathcore with industrial leanings. Their latest EP, Silence, is a brutal, punishing affair that finds this trio on an upward trajectory and should garner the band many new disciples.

Punctuated by a series of electric shocks ‘God’ is the seriously strong opener as the band proceed to deliver a plethora of punches. New vocalist Kyler Millo has slotted in just fine and his impressive range is part of the reason Bloodbather are sailing to new territory. Flitting between high pitched squeals and guttural growls Kyler’s voice is prominently placed in the mix and provides a focal point around which the musical maelstrom swirls. Recalling mid-era Napalm Death (Fear Emptiness Despair) ‘God’ is metallic hardcore at its very best but Bloodbather add a sinister edge that renders it discombobulating so it’s akin to spending three minutes with the most depraved serial killer.

With the band scrawling their sound on every available surface there’s little in the way of respite as the title track arrives and belies it’s title. Encasing the listener within walls of sound Kyler’s vocals emanate from the depths of hades as the drums hit with mechanical precision and their constant punch leaves the listener stupefied. Imagine I Set My Friends On Fire jamming with Knocked Loose and you’ll have something approaching the heavy rumble of ‘Silence’. ‘Erase’ evidences a band unafraid to takes risks and the addition of synths adds a futuristic feel while the clean vocals mid-song, like stepping into the eye of a tornado, add a moment of calm.

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The band certainly know how to pile on the pressure with the ‘Disappear’ falling like leaden bullets as the siren like guitars sound a warning to the curious. A satisfying bass rumble heralds the arrival of ‘Void’ which finds Bloodbather injecting a nice change of pace and, aided by an expansive production, the song is given a huge cavernous feel inside which Kyler’s vocals sound not too dissimilar to a peeved off Phil Anselmo. Full of Nordic brittleness ‘Cold’ is the rather eerie outro which finds Bloodbather departing in clouds of smoke.

Silence is the type of EP Countess Bathory might have played whilst taking a her weekly bath. Highly recommended for fans of Knocked Loose and Code Orange Silence is an album that should find Bloodbather joining metal’s top tier.

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Silence is out today (October 9th)

Bloodbather: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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