Album Review: Wytch Hazel – III: Pentecost

As the nights become colder and darker, Lancashire’s medieval metal phenomenon Wytch Hazel once again turn to producer Ed Turner for their newest release III: Pentecost.

This album starts off with “He is the Fight” and immediately it feels like a warm summer day, as it has that late 70’s flow to it “Spirit and Fire” for me is the standout track of the album it’s incredibly catchy and the accompanying solo is fabulous.

The track “I Am Redeemed” is probably the most obvious nod to vocalist and guitarists Colin Henda’s Pentecostal Christianity – it’s sincere and has conviction, although if you close your eyes for some of the track all you hear is a Ray Manzarek influence. The smoothness of the explicit homage to Ghost “Archangel” effortlessly floats into the fist pump worthy “Dry Bones”.

For the mid-part of the album, the band present the wonderfully mellow yet complex instrumental “Sonata” which is a great change of pace to lead into “I Will Not”. Rainfall and a cello rendition of Chopin’s “Funeral March” leads the charge for “Reap The Harvest” which has some real Fleetwood Mac undertones to it.

I used to live in the North East of England for a time and enjoyed real ales, warm fires, and acoustic circles with some very talented musicians. “The Crown” instantly took me back to that place, so when we get to Bible readings for the start of final track “Ancient Of Days” you can’t help but feel you’ve taken a journey into the mind of an incredibly spiritual man and I must admit it does leave room for reflection…

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Colin expands on this much more eloquently:

Music is created for all, it’s a common grace for everyone, which is why the music that shows the glory of God the most, in my opinion, is not music created by Christians. It’s Black Sabbath, you know!

A passionately anthemic tribute to the past.

III: Pentecost is out October 30th

Wytch Hazel: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp

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