Album Review: DevastatioN Inc. – Beyond the Shape of Violence

DevastatioN Inc. are a new band on me, and this is only their second release since 2016’s No Way For Salvation. They apparently spent most of 2019 working on the material for this one, recording it earlier this year. The time and effort really shows up in this angry collection of songs, death vocals riding high on thrash riffs.

Barring the “calm before the storm” instrumental opener, every track on Beyond the Shape of Violence is a floor-filling pit-inducer. Listening to lead single “Spear of Victory”, it’s got the perfect beats to call the circle-pitters to arms. They picked the right song to tease the album’s release and, though it’s a strong one, it’s not a standout in as much as the other songs are damn good as well.

While nothing special in terms of originality, what Devastation Inc. do, they do very well. Slayer-esque whammy bar dives, shredding solos, thundering drums, little bass guitar fills… you’ve heard them all before, but they’re glued together so well on each song here and the whole makes for a very enjoyable listen. The death growl vocals give each track an angrier edge than they would otherwise have, and production is absolutely spot on. Bassy enough to rattle the windows, but with each guitar note being clear and precise.

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On the strength of this album, this is a band I would love to see playing live. With a receptive crowd, they could absolutely destroy a venue. Here’s hoping as things get going once again, I maybe get the chance to catch them on the festival circuit. In the meantime, this slab of quality heavy metal is more than enough to keep me going.

Beyond the Shape of Violence is out now

DevastatioN Inc.: facebook | spotify | youtube

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