Album Review: This Is Endless – Formations of a World Below

This is Endless may be a new name for some of you out there. Whilst the band may be relatively new, the members are veterans of the scene with some of them having been part of bands such as Akercocke, Onslaught, Meta-Stasis and others. With this experience, and production from UK legend Russ Russell, the quintet are poised and ready to unleash their brand new album, named the same as the legendary Immolation album, Formations of a World Below.

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Opening up is the punishing monstrosity that is “Skin Cyst”. A track that grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go until the end, it’s one that’ll get heads banging and the bodies flying at live shows when they come back. “Insect” follows this with a slightly more modern flavour to it with a Decapitated-style groove and syncopation that melds with the partial dissonance in parts rather perfectly. Like the previous track, this song is one that gets the head banging and will no doubt cause many walls of death.

“Creature of Habit” and “The Damned and the Weak” with the former being a very in-your-face song that echoes Stop At Nothing-era Dying Fetus with the driving guitar riffs and drums propelling it forward at mach one. The latter song takes a more modern death metal tack with the riffs that sit atop halftime carpet rolls in particular sounding monstrous and headbang inducing. It’s a track that, like many on this album, will cause the bodies to go flying at a live show. Following number “Back To The Soil” continues the metal train with the former track oozing riffs and excellent vocal technique from frontman Solomon.

“Social Decay” is where things get a little interesting. The 1 minute 43 second effort is bloody terrifying with the noises that creep out the speakers being oddly apt for how society is in certain places of the world. The metal train continues with “Imprinted In Life” and “Into The Hive” with the former having a number of elements of grindcore which mix with the death metal formula rather perfectly. The latter track brings back some of the dissonance that was experience earlier in the album along with a driving chorus section that will no doubt result in many mosh-pits forming when it is performed live.

“As I Suffocate” rounds things rather nicely, having a similar feel to a modern Immolation song merged with a bit of groove and insanely good harsh vocals. It has a feeling of real quality to it and is one that personally stands out as truly unique on the album.

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Whilst admittedly this album will not be for everyone, the level of quality and musicianship is something which cannot be ignored. There is no one song that is not extremely well crafted and they can easily stand on their own. Formations of a World Below is an album that demands to be played loud and played live, when we’re all able to enjoy live concerts again.

Formations of a World Below is out now

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