Album Review: Skeletal Remains – The Entombment of Chaos

Skeletal Remains have slowly but surely been building a name for themselves in the death metal scene over the past few years. After having toured with legends such as Obituary and Hatebreed, the band are now back with a refreshed lineup and are ready to make some more noise.

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Opening up the album, “Cosmic Chasm” has an otherworldly feel to it with space-age sounds which wouldn’t sound too out of place on the soundtrack for 2001 a Space Odyssey. This leads perfectly into the following track “Illusive Divinity” where the death metal begins to flow. Tremolo-picked over-driven guitars and Chuck Schuldiner style harsh vocals dominate, with the drums and bass providing the perfect backing to keep things trucking.

This continues throughout the album with tracks such as “Tombs of Chaos” and “Torturous Ways Of Obliteration” proving to perfect examples of how to do death metal that’s influenced by the old whilst bringing the new. The latter in particular features a slightly more modern vocal style with the old-school way of riffing being used to create a mix that’s equally as volatile as it is excellent.

The band aren’t afraid of changing things up from death metal however. “Enshrined In Agony” with its tolling bell and dissonant clean guitar melodies provides the perfect break and transition between the sections of the album. This track, along with the previously mentioned “Cosmic Chasm” serve to further this and keep things fresh amidst all the death metal.

Rounding things off, “Stench of Paradise Burning” takes everything that’s been done before on the album and somehow refines it even further. The vocals in particular sound immense with them being the perfect topping across the technical riffs and pummeling drums. The track ends with one of the most head-bang inducing riffs of the album before a final tom hit signals the end.

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Overall, the album is a solid slab of death metal that neither tries to reinvent the wheel or bring too many new things to the table. It instead focuses on the raw elements of what makes up death metal and delivers them to an exceptionally high standard. The Entombment of Chaos serves a perfect example of how to do death metal right and will no doubt secure the band even more fans going forward.

The Entombment of Chaos is out on September 11th

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