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Album Review: Sin Circus – VII

Blackpool rockers Sin Circus have been around for five years and in that time they have put out an EP Bored, as well as a few other singles. Now, the band comes to us with their debut album titled VII. 8 tracks of raw, powerful, female-fronted power, the album was recorded between 2018-2020. The band has a clear vision which they have worked to mold and shape this album into exactly what they want the album to be.

The power of the band’s sound is clear from the opening track “Animals”. It packs quite the punch with vocalist Vickey Spencer displaying an impressive vocal range, and adding to this are some thunderous sounding drums from stickman Luke Fox. It’s a strong opening song and really sets the tone for the album. “Burn me Green” keeps everything moving along nicely and helps build on the strong start that “Animals” gave the album.

The highly praised 2018 single “Pied Pinger” follows with its more melodic tone and fantastic guitar and drum work. It’s good to see older martial being showcased to a new set of fans, and it sounds just as good on the album as it did when it was first released. “Voidtakes things up a notch with a heavier sound and faster pace as the song moves through the gears not letting up for a moment. Featuring a very nice solo from Luis Gutarra, this, for me, is one of the best songs on the album, only topped by what comes after it in the form of the “Gunslinger”.

It keeps the same feeling as the previous track but, to me, feels even stronger and rawer. It does have a slight tempo drop-in places but it doesn’t certainly take anything away from the track. There’s just something special about this track, an intangible quality to it that makes it stand out from the rest of the album. Everything just seems to come together flawlessly.

“Silence” is a solid rock track with some very haunting vocals at its core combined with really nice input on guitar by Luis Gutarra that helps tie everything together nicely. “Seven” is a change in tone with a much slower introduction, before the tempo picks up and Vicky gives her strongest vocal performance on the album. This track is her most emotional, something which is exemplified at the end by a very heartfelt section about what she remembers being seven and scared and all alone. Very powerful and for many of us, quite relatable to say the least. “What Now “finishes out the album and is another solid track with all the elements that have made this album so enjoyable throughout.

Sin Circus has something special with this album. They blend the sounds of each instrument together so effectively it leaves you craving more of each song, betraying a skill and deft touch one wouldn’t necessarily expect a new band to have. They already found their signature sound and are carving out their own little niche. The two years it took for the group to make this album was clearly time well spent; they have produced something that’s a solid building block for them as they continue to grow as a band. Quality takes time, but I’ve got to hope that experience means we don’t have to wait another two full years for another album of this quality from Sin Circus.

VII out now on all good streaming platforms.

Sin Circus: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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