Album Review: Liquid Flesh – Chair Liquide

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“We are Liquid Flesh, an old school death metal trio from the French Alps.” That’s as good an introduction as any. Short, sharp, incisive and accurate. Their music, however, is anything other than short and sharp. It’s lengthy and bludgeoning.

It’s also full of nice touches. They may claim to be “old school death metal”, but even in opening song “Vide-Ordures” (en: “Garbage Chutes”) there’s a hint of thrash and some actually quite funky bass rhythms. The vocals are pure death, though, and the closing keyboards give a bit of atmosphere. In other words, this is old school with flair.

It’s this ability to whack a decent mainstream metal riff over the death tones that make Liquid Flesh’s sound stand out from the mainstream death metal bands. Pretty much every song has a real earworm that ducks and dives around the barrage of the rhythm section. This could distract from the heavier elements, but it actually works really well with them.

There are some odd moments, though, such as the closing minute or so of “Angoisse” and the entire of “Twin Freaks” but I’ll let them slide as overall this is a strong album and its strengths are in the band being prepared to go a bit left field and try new things.

There are a ton of bands out there focussing on the “old school” sound, and power to them. Liquid Flesh are adding something to it, while still keeping the traditional core in place… and it works. I can’t remember the last time I listened to a death metal album and found it as catchy as I found it violent.

Standout tracks: “Necroville”, “Pluie Acide”, “Vide-Ordures”.

Chair Liquide is released on September 18th

Liquid Flesh: facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | bandcamp

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