EP Review: Killatrix – Future Weapons [A]

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Killatrix first came to our attention in 2017 when we found out that they were fronted by one of the many lovely PR people we deal with, and that they were keen to play on our stage at Wildfire Festival. Their brand of electro pop-rock set the stage alight and they’ve continued in this style three years on, succeeding only in ramping it up in all aspects.

The EP consists of a mixture of brand new songs and rebuilt older ones – reworked, remixed and re-recorded. Everything on Lethal Weapons [A] is harder-hitting than before. The time spent on it has been worth it. Their three main styles are swirled together in each track, but some are more poppy, some more rocky and some very much more electro-y.

“Subterranean” makes the most of its hefty beats, yet gently-sung chorus and rap-like verses. “Centipede” is more of a rocker with added dance sounds, a driving number that pushes and pushes with a hell of a bouncy chorus. This one will slay live.

Bringing the funk, “Cooked Brains” has a vaguely reggae opening and is probably the poppiest song on the EP. It’s light enough that it could chart but due to the band’s eclectic sound, it’s not out of place. “Broken Teeth” brings out the samples and the heavy beats again – a song many will have heard before, this version is definitely more powerful.

“Saccade” is a bit too dance music for me but, as I said earlier on, the band’s strength is in making the most of their influences. Mainly samples and atmosphere, there’s a decent guitar solo but it’s just missing enough of the rock for my tastes. They make up for it with the belting “Release The Hounds”. If Seething Akira invited a female vocalist to guest on one of their tracks, it wouldn’t be much better. Well mixed so that the bass rattles the windows without distorting, this is one of those songs I should hate but I don’t. I bloody love it!

The EP closes with a short “Exit” track, and there is a part two (or should I say “side B”) to follow. For those who like to explore various styles, this is an EP well worth checking out. It definitely won’t appeal to everyone, but it would be criminal not to give it a chance.

Future Weapons [A] is out on July 31st

Killatrix: officialfacebook | twitter | instagramsoundcloud | spotifyyoutube

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