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Album Review: Snøgg – Ritual of the Sun

Slovenian self-defined “freeride black metal”/ambient experimentalists Snøgg present their second full-length album The Ritual of the Sun, based on myths and legends of the different sun-worshiping religions.

This forthcoming album is the result of an improvisational piece performed live on 25.12.2018 in Škofja Loka, Slovenia, written primarily for that occasion, as a pagan mass, and later recorded live in the studio RMC Kunigunda.

The album is arranged as a single 37-minute track which starts of rather ominously. Just a quick piece of advice here – don’t sit in the dark with headphones on like I did as it only heightens the weird sonic elements.

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Creeping into the 10-minute mark is really where it starts to take shape as there is a real ambient feel tinged almost with dungeon synth, the latter of which I really enjoy. Cutting through is the spoken part: the ritual of the sun.

Once the ritual has been performed the soundscape then maintains the unpredictable and unfamiliar before dissolving just as ominously as it began.

Woefully dark and eerie.

Ritual of the Sun will be released July 17th

Snøgg: facebook | bandcamp

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