Album Review: Skeletal – Bitterness and Burning Hatred

Skeletal’s second album, recorded and mixed in 2018 by Tom Brooke at Tonehaven Recording Studio, spawns from the teeth of the slain to unleash Bitterness and Burning Hatred.

The drums on the opening track “Lower than Filth” are so furious that they could defeat an army of undead foes just by themselves – and that’s not even taking into account the savagery of the vocals. “Reanimate” is short and swift in its delivery with some great parts whilst “The Loss” is slow and tormenting with a tinge of early Amorphis in sections.

The most old school sounding track of the album “Concrete Salvation” has to be my stand out track, thanks to the layers of guitar parts and riff changes.

Next, creeping in slowly, is “Razors Edge” which has a particularly catchy undertone throughout and is a great follow-on from the previous track. “Against the Grain” dissolves into the longest song of the album, “Apathy”, which is a fabulous all-round track where each individual instrument seems to really have prominence.

The short instrumental “One-Eyed Watcher” paves the way for final track “Burning Hatred” which is thrashy and unapologetically bloodthirsty, leaving the listener in a world of hurt afterwards.

The lyrical subjects are based on real-life horrors, violence, death and introspective psychological themes. Aggressive death metal with an old school production.

Bitterness and Burning Hatred will be released on July 6th via Death in Pieces Records

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