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Album Review: Rites of Daath – Doom Spirit Emanation

Poland’s death-doom brigade Rites of Daath (formerly Cemetery Whore) release their first full-length album recorded at Roslyn Studio.

Title track and opener “Doom Spirit Emanation” oozes depravity from absolutely everywhere including the cover art by WS Artworks which really lends itself to the atmosphere of not only this track but in fact the rest of the album. Much the same can also be said for next track “The Accursing Tongues” which has a chilling eerie-ness blending with the spirit of early Akercocke.

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The midway point of the album shows no sign of relaxing and is just as chillingly savage with “Shrines of Seclusion” which is also my highlight track of the album – the riffs running through this track are just so captivating. This is then followed by the longest track of the album, the “Primeval Depts of Chaos”, which starts of just as ominous as every track so far but the last half of the track is laden with slow lamenting drums and dishevelled guitar parts. So even with the slower moods it’s just as depressing.

Penultimate track “The Chasm” is straight-up death metal with final track “Mercurian Blood” cementing this debut’s savagery and unforgiving nature once again, in particular enjoying the elements than run through this one.

Lyrically the album is a slumber of torment and woe which not only adds it’s the appeal but helps elevate the misery. As chilling and alluring as the lament configuration.

Doom Spirit Emanation will be released on July 6th

Rites of Daath: facebook | bandcamp

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