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Album Review: Pale Horseman – For Dust Thou Art

Featuring ex-members of Couldron and Abortus, Chicago’s Pale Horseman saddle up for a new journey with the follow up to 2017’s The Fourth Seal – For Dust Thou Art.

Although opening track “Tundra” catapults you into a swarm of heavy-laden riffs it’s an absolute pleasure to be reunited with the familiar vocals and as this sweeps into “Scourge” I can’t help but be sucked into the immediate drum patterns that grab my attention the majority of the track, but then the changing guitar parts take ownership which is a game-changer. No surprise really that this ended up being the highlight track of the album for me.

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Sludging bass combined with drums once again lay the ominous foundation for the mainly instrumental “Archangel” before the album really changes pace for the start of “Disenchanter” which with its hypnotic harmonies has a flow of early Doors about it that I totally got swept away with it before everything came crashing back to reality with a harsh bump.

“Vagrants” offers another consistent slab of fluid draining rhythms before the all-encompassing penultimate “Cydonia” which really cement’s all the elements of all the previous tracks such as the shared interweaving vocal styles of Eric Ondo and Andre ‘Flesh’ Almaraz – the resounding riffs, powerful drums, and purposeful bass. For me, this would have been a perfect finale but the band has one more offering and as the opening bells chime on “Bloodgate” I’m left eating my words…

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I really enjoyed being a part of of this misanthropic journey as it was strangely cathartic and when an album does that you know you’re in good hands.

A much-needed dose of sludge-coated doom.

For Dust Thou Art will be released July 31st

Pale Horseman: facebook | instagram | bandcamp

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