Album Review: Minatox69 – Collapse

Another review we’re playing catch-up with due to Covid-related delivery issues! Hailing from northern Italy, Minatox69 throw together angry, thrashy songs and Collapse is their fourth release as far as I can gather (two previous albums and an EP).

Their take on thrash is a mixture of traditional and slightly progressive, but the one thing that’s constant throughout Collapse is its savage riffing. The music and the vocals don’t hold back – they’re very much a band making a statement, not one of the party thrash bands. Twin guitars are used to good effect to keep the main riff going while a melodic (or discordant) tone overlays. It’s also got some great bass lines that can be heard clearly, something you don’t often notice on a thrash album where the treble often rules. I can’t fault the drums either, especially given the proggy influence I mentioned meaning that this isn’t all about fast-paced battery, but odd rhythm changes here and there also.

It’s actually an interesting sound, but one that doesn’t jar – it’s easy to listen to, but the fact that it’s not “pure” thrash gives it that little bit extra. And there are some good songs on here, too. “Nothing New Under The Sun” (video below) and “Frozen Blood” in particular show the band’s full range of influences. “Next Enemy” and “Cupidity” aren’t far behind, the latter having a nice, slow feel to it which really sets it aside from the rest of the album.

It’s nice to hear someone messing around a bit with the thrash sound, and Minatox69 have something interesting here. Well worth a listen.

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