Album Review: Extinctionist – Obsidian

I’ll be honest, I picked this one out for review as I love the album sleeve (very different to, but just as good as my other favourite so far this year, The Others’ Haunted). It’s pure 90s thrash/metal with a dystopian theme and great artwork. The music, however, is far heavier. Far heavier.

Obsidian is very much goregrind, slam… call it what you will. When Extinctionist was formed (as a one man act by Alexander Pohl), it was with the credo “No song slower than 220 bpm, no song longer than 2 minutes”. The songs on here are all over 2 minutes… but not by much. They also have some slower sections, but it’s like adding acidic gel to buzz saw blades. Sure, it’s a bit sludgy, but it’s still going to fuck you up pretty badly.

The vocals flip between pig squeal and grindcore’s preferred gargled grunting. The drums are tinny, the guitars churning. The whole mess just wants to cram itself into your head until there’s no more room… then keep cramming until things explode. It’s very well produced with all the bass noted rumbling your guts nicely without distorting, and the high end rattles nicely without splashing.

In all, there are eight tracks of wonderful brutality on here, sandwiched between a pair of spoken word intro/outro numbers… both of which are the only letdowns. They’re scene-setting, but not very well acted and I’d not expect anyone to listen to them more than once (if that).

Extinctionist: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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