Album Review: Dee Snider – For The Love Of Metal Live

Dee Snider is a legend in the rock and metal world. He’s up there alongside the likes of Alice Cooper, Rob Halford and Ozzy in terms of his history and influence, as well as being one hell of a human being. His speech to Senate during the heavy metal witch hunts of the 80s are something to behold. And he fronted Twisted Sister before the band wrapped things up, and went his own solo way.

I was lucky enough to see their last UK performance at my first Bloodstock Festival (it was, in fact, my main reason for going). I was equally fortunate to see his own set a couple of years later on the same stage. It’s this set which makes up the majority of the album being discussed here, and it’s a great one to pick.

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The track list is made up of material from Snider’s recent For The Love of Metal album as well as the obvious Twisted Sister classics. Most of the patter from the show is there as well, and this is a bonus as the Main Man isn’t just a good singer/songwriter but also knows how to chat to a crowd. I’m sure there are a few little bits missing, likely snipped for time reasons, but they may be present on the DVD version of the album. Here’s hoping.

One thing I usually pick up on with live albums is crowd noise and while this release isn’t as atmospheric as Powerwolf’s recent bonus CD, it’s pretty good. I also noticed that Snider’s voice changed a little between songs (the talking rather than the singing), but I put this down to edits. He certainly belts the songs out as well as he ever did.

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Snider’s solo material is pretty much up there in terms of quality to the Twisted Sister songs, so there’s no filler on here. With a few extra songs thrown on the end to fill things up (including a more than decent version of “Highway to Hell”), this is a decent live album to add to your collection. It’s not as good as being there was, but it’s the next best thing.

For The Love Of Metal Live is out on July 31st

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