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EP Review: Festering Gash – Perverse Abominations

Death metal/goregrind two-piece Festering Gash once again blend their low-budget horror, gratuitous gore, and fast-paced heaviness as they follow 2019’s Not That Long Ago in a Basement Not Far Away with a new level of filth in Perverse Abominations.

Opener “Snuff Fetish (Cumming in Her Corpse)” starts off with a House of 1000 Corpses-esque intro before drilling into your skull with dirty riffs and incessant drumming. Magneto begins proceeding with the famous quote “You are a god among insects. Never let anyone tell you different” for the solo driven “Telekinetic Cannibalism” which chronicles the exploits of a young man with an extraordinary talent. 

The first single from the album “Foetid Afterbirth Foie Gras” isn’t something I’m likely to order off any menu anytime soon but more than happy to keep feeding my ears over and over as this was the highlight track for me.

An Unorthodox PSA begins proceedings to the penultimate track “Asphixiwank” which unfortunately is over before it’s really even started as it’s the shortest track on the album. Final Track  “Malachi” is also noteworthy as it’s a homage to everyone’s favorite red-haired lunatic from Children of the Corn.

Much like a sentimental feeling for a low budget horror, Festering Gash make you feel the same way with maybe just a touch more deviancy and dark humour.

Perverse Abominations will be released on June 19th

Festering Gash: officialfacebook | twitter | bandcamp | spotify

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