Album Review: Purtenance – Buried Incarnation

Finland’s death metal traditionalists Purtenance return with a new album and lineup but keep their sound strictly old school.

Buried Incarnation starts off with “Into the Arctic Gloom”, a short mostly instrumental track. It has some vocals from Aabeg Gautamn formerly of Nepalese band Dying out Flame who also has taken on bass duties for this record. In this instance, it would’ve worked better instrumentally as it does complement the slower “Shrouded Vision of Afterlife” very well.

Tracks “Under the Pyre of Enlightenment” and particularly “The Malicious Moon” showcase Harri Salo’s drumming. Combined with guitar work from guitarists Juha Rannikko and Tero Aalto, it make this track the stand-out one for me.

The spirit of Death is summoned for “Lifeless Profundity” whilst first single release “Deathbed Confession” has the catchiest riffs on the entire album.

Solo-ridden “Wrapped in Lamentation” twists and turns like a tormented soul into the penultimate track “Dark Womb of Nothingness”, leaving a final offering in the form of “Burial Secrecy”. It feels like two separate tracks as it’s 50-50 split, instrumental beginning and thunderously heavy ending.

Furiously paced with elements of putrid savagery.

Purtenace: facebook | instagram

Buried Incarnation will be released June 23rd via Xtreem Music 


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