Album Review: OHHMS- Close

Kent’s progressive sludge crew OHHMS are back this time bringing not only a more autobiographical approach but a religious and spiritual lyrical theme to third album Close.

Opening track “Alive!” completely throws you off guard with its gentle introduction before accelerating into a torrent of disheartened misery with some fantastic guitar work before we are once again reminded of the sheer emotional of Paul Waller’s vocals.

“((Flaming Youth))” is a short but moving track with its reference to being taken back maybe to a happier time, which is obviously something everyone can relate to. There isn’t too much time to be reflective as our feelings are downtrodden with nine minutes of “Revenge”, a song which twists and turns from savage to serene with some really nice Sabbath influenced parts midway through.

“((Strange Ways))” follows a similar pattern to “((Flaming Youth))”, although this time has the feel of something straight from Dark Side of The Moon and once again the band follows this up with something that’s ready to punch you in the gut, first single release “Destroyer”. This is hands down my favourite track of this release and has the wonderful part in the chorus “There is no god, there’s only gods”.

The penultimate track “Asylum” may be the shortest track of the album but all 01:50 of it packs a lot in, for one, it’s got the catchiest riff and lyrics that have ended up being a real earworm.

Final track “Unplugged” is a wonderful finisher to this collection of songs, connected with me on an emotional level, and very much left me thinking about it long after I finished listening, leaving a lump in my throat.

OHHMS may have completed this trilogy but my bookmark is ready for the next volume.

Header image by Jake Owens

Close is out June 26th on Holy Roar Records

OHHMS: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp

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