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Album Review: Insatanity – Hymns of the Gods Before

Crushing and devouring souls of the innocent since 1992, Insatanity open up their infernal hymn book for only their second full-length album Hymns of the Gods Before, mixed and mastered by Jarrett Pritchard at New Constellation and produced by bassist Chris Lytle with cover art from by Guang Yang at Confessional Studio.

The band waste no time as a straight for the jugular approach starts the proceedings with “Seed of Baal”, into a throwback OSDM sounding “Ashes of the Apostle” featuring some magnificent guitar tones – I’m a big fan of this track.

“Whose Hand Embalms” is a wonderful showcase of the variety of Vanessa Cordoba’s vocals. There are so many elements that work well in this particular songand the chorus needs its own separate mention as it is just sublime.

The particularly well-structured but equally savage “Demons Within Creation” crashes unforgivingly into “Upon the Ivory Throne” which unleashes the hellish vocal combination of both Lytle and Cordoba, whilst the drum patterns try to chew you up and spit you out.

Imagine Nosferatu’s Count Orlock slinking upstairs to attack another victim. Well that’s the start of next track, “Cross of Deception” – slow, menacing and purposeful before undead fury is once again unleashed upon the listener.

Penultimate track “Eidolon of the Blind” summons the body of Deicide and, after leaving said body in a pool of its own blood, the album finishes off with the anthemic “Trail of Terror” featuring some great bass tones throughout.

Hymns of the Gods Before will also feature a bonus track, cover of Deicide’s “When Satan Rules His World”.

Insatanity have delivered a bludgeoning blackened death metal sermon of the highest order.

Hymns of the Gods Before will be released June 19th via CDN Records

Insatanity: facebook | twitter | instagram

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