Album Review: Divine Weep – The Omega Man

Divine Weep hail from Poland, a land famed for its extreme metal tastes. However, after starting as a black metal band, they’ve graduated towards old-fashioned, denim-and-black-t-shirt classic metal… with a hint of some heavier stuff thrown in for good measure.

While the core sound throughout The Omega Man is very much Maiden / Helloween in terms of heaviness, there are some other tricks thrown in. Harsh vocals in “Firestone”, thrash speed in “The Screaming Skulls of Silence”, screams akin to their older material in the title track and so on. Impressively, all of the vocals – across all styles – seem to be the work of one throat. Take a bow, Mateusz Drzewicz!

One thing that every track has in common is the great drumming by Dariusz Karpiesiuk which is very much up front in the mix. This is definitely a drummer who deserves to be listened to and every beat and cymbal crash is front and foremost. His style is as varied as Drzewicz’s singing, impressively rattling off passages at various speeds.

Divine Weep features two guitarists in the classic metal band mould, and they work well together. Alternating leads and rhythms, Bartosz Kosacki and Dariusz Moroz trade licks without doing thwe whole prima donna thing. They’re backed by bassist Janusz Grabowski whose low tones are often a little hard to hear with everything else going on, but check out “Die Gelassenheit” where he gets to come to the front.

The Omega Man is a good collection of metal tracks, with that little extra pizazz to set it out from the mainstream.

The Omega Man is out now

Divine Weep: facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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