Album Review: No Such Season – U.A.F

Everett Washington’s No Such Season are Aaron Sparks, Willem Coumou IV, Daunish Chaudry and Chad Anderson. They have followed up their last EP with a debut full-length record, U.A.F, standing for “Underground as F**k”. Are they? Let us find out with the fourteen-track record which came out on the 21st of April via Sliptrick records.

This record, U.A.F, took time for me to get into as I need to feel a connection. What gravitated me to No Such Season was their grunge tag and quoted influences of Rob Zombie, Pantera and Black Sabbath – I didn’t get that.

The first four songs are light and I wasn’t engrossed, as I was expecting a sound to exceed my expectations. The track “0300”, though, is interesting feeling like a cheeky nod to Anthrax’s “I’m The Man”. There is a taste throughout the record with a try at Kurt Cobain style vocals and at times a mix of the Bad Seeds.

Whenever a band is given the grunge tag, I feel the need to hear it. Maybe I need to move on or maybe I’m trying to hear a band who can create something that will be adding to the metal evolution.

Aaron Sparks’ vocals are intriguing, but I didn’t feel a connection as to what the band are trying to do. That is just my opinion and we all have those. No Such Season have been growing with their touring of local venues allowing their budding fanbase to appreciate their live music.

No Such Season: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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