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The appropriately named American Terror released their debut record on the 22nd May. A stable built of Robert Hammersmith (Skid Row), Murphy Karges (ex-Sugar Ray), DJ Soulman (Phunk Junkeez) and Grayson Manor vocalist Brad Cox who produced and mixed the record are joined by guitarist Pat Valley.

Vocalist Brad Cox says, “We formed American Terror to do something new. It’s classic punk attitude with metal grooves and a modern attack. It’s the punch in the throat that music is missing. I think we really found the right guys to do something new and interesting. And when it came time to look for a label, we thought EMP was a perfect fit. After an introduction from our mutual friend Mike Clink, Thom and I hit it off, and it was instant chemistry. And from there it was pretty much inevitable.”

So, in this self-isolating period here’s a chance to throw back a green smoothie, cut a slice of homemade porridge bread and let Influencer… influence your ear canal. Opening with “Judgment” Cox screams, “What makes you better than Jesus Christ, what the f**k have you sacrificed?” lyrically this isn’t for the faint-hearted, try not to listen with Gran.  A strong opening with thunderous drums, some turntable scratches and the odd C-word to add.

The bass on “Denial” bleeds all over this track and stands out as does the thrashy guitar riffage and Cox’s impressive changing vocals. “How Do you Like Me Now” is one of those tunes I could quite happily bandage up my sore knees and crack on in the mosh pit as Brad Cox screams “Look at what I become…”. This is blood pumping Korn-influenced vocals.

We have catchy “People Piss Me off” and the impressive “She’s A Bitch”, both of which remind me of The Offspring. It hits the spot with lyric “She’s a bitch, but I couldn’t live without her” which is highly striking and made me laugh out loud. I’ve put the tune at the bottom of this page. I do recommend not saying the lyrics too loud when out for your  unlimited exercise. Stay Alert.

Cox has put his all into this mellow flow, with delicate punk vibe together with the old school metal drumming, the fuzzy riffs the funk bass and switching turntable allowing Cox to go from a Jonathan Davies-Esque vocal to a Phil Anselmo spoken word.

Apologies but there isn’t a ballad on Influencer nor does it give you time to relax. The start of “Prophet for Profit” shows angst in Cox’s voice with the bass getting the noggin bouncing. What we have with American Terror is the touch of nu-metal, old school metal… the 90s rock-rap fusion.

If we ever go out again, then support these guys, go see them live, get their album and try not to walk around the street chanting “She’s a bitch” or “What makes you better than Jesus Christ” or “People Piss Me off”! But if you do, stay 2 metres apart.

Influencer is out now

American Terror: official | facebook | instagram

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