Review: Hexvessel – Kindred

Hexvessel have, over the years, slowly but surely been building a strong following of fans and a name for themselves in the folk-rock sector. With their previous release having garnered praise amongst both critics and fans, the band are now back are ready to release their latest offering to the masses.

What’s immediately apparent from the first few seconds of opening track “Billion Year Old Being”, is the fact that there is a lot more over-driven guitar led sections. However, this is not overdone and fits in perfectly alongside the clean and acoustic guitars. And on the topic of the acoustic guitars, they’re mixed perfectly and sound crystal clear with tracks such as “Fire of the Mind” and “Family” blending them excellently with the other instruments.

The blending of instruments continues across the album and, as mentioned before, is done perfectly. Nothing is out of place and each song ebbs and flows throughout rather nicely. It’s this ebb and flow which makes it so easy to listen to. It’s the perfect companion to an evening in front of the fire with some fine wine and delectable nibbles. And, like a fine wine, the album only serves to get better and better each time it’s played.

When you are listening to this music you will feel yourself like you have just won a jackpot. Or if you are Gamstop self-excluded player and just found the path to get round Gamstop and could continue playing. You will definitely be satisfied with the bass.

Admittedly, this album won’t be for everyone. It’s more on the folky-end of folk rock, but that serves to the album’s benefit instead of it’s detriment. If one had to describe the album, it could be said that it’s like the tamer side of modern Opeth done with a smattering of other instruments and a vocal style reminscent of early Jethro Tull. And yes, that mix works and sounds rather fantastic.

Hexvessel: official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp

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