Album Review: Slave Hands – No More Feelings

I often pick albums for review based on what I’m doing, or how I’m feeling. This afternoon was… a bit pissed off, wanting to chill and read a book. So sludge it is.

This isn’t a genre I tend to actively listen to, but I find it makes for great background music when I’m doing other stuff. Slave Hands have provided a nice half hour soundtrack to wash over me as I read about serial killers and avoid the sun coming in the window. There are seven tracks on here with the first, “Misery Is The Secret To Happiness” being a short intro. The rest are more what you’d expect from a slow, messy sludge band and it’s great.

Everything is downtuned, including the bloody snares and cymbals probably, and the pace rarely rises above “brisk stroll” through the six main tracks. Vocals are wonderfully growly, and the riffs are pretty damn good. It can’t be easy making music this slow and depressing while still making it listenable, but Slave Hands have done a decent job. Production is good, too. It’s easy to go “too heavy” on these recordings and lose the music in the… well, the sludge. However, No More Feelings has no problems there.

Slow, depressing, filthy… it’s what you look for in this style of music and No More Feelings is as sludgy as it gets.

No More Feelings is out on April 3rd through Dry Cough Records

Slave Hands: facebook | bandcamp

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