Monday, September 21, 2020
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EP Review: Human Impulse – Human Impulse

Punk-cum-metal madmen Human Impulse have released their first self-titled EP. The trio of musicians are out to make an impact with this, so let’s find out if it’s as good as they claim.

The punk blasts of opening track “Behind Your Back” are a display of the band’s trademark sound and it’s a sound you will become very familiar with by the end of this EP. It’s a very clever mix of punk and metal that creates quite the unique signature with distorted riffs at a fast-frenetic pace, hitting you full-on in the face and not giving you much time to process what it is you’re listening to. This kind of unique sound just makes you want to keep listening.

“Error Era”, my favourite on the EP, manages to fit a lot into a track just over two minutes in length. Its core is one heavy riff with rough pure raw energy, enough to power a couple of nuclear bombs and still have some left over to put into the song. It’s the kind of track that’s mainly punk-influenced, but you can definitely hear of elements of bands such as Motorhead and even at times The Melvins. This track above all the others could have appeared in a film like The Crow and you wouldn’t think twice about it.

The band covers such topics as hope, despair, and life in general, all the while giving them a punk overlay. Human Impulse are not all about the fast-paced mayhem, though. With the track “The Darkest Hand” you can hear the shift in tone being a lot more metal, but with how the riffs sound you could almost mistake it for black metal more so than mainstream metal.

There are times in this EP wherein all the madness some elements are lost in the mix. I found these to be the vocals and/or the guitars. Otherwise, this Human Impulse EP is six tracks of pure mayhem, a blitz of music if you will. It’s all over in just 14 minutes so this is definitely something you will want to listen through a few times over just in case you happen to miss anything.

Human Impulse out now via bandcamp

Human Impulse: instagram | bandcamp

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