EP Review: Candlemass – The Pendulum

In an uncertain society where everything seems to be doom and gloom, it seems quite apt that the Kings of Doom, Candlemass, release their latest EP The Pendulum at the end of March.

Following on from The Door to Doom in 2019 this EP is made up of songs left over from the recording of that mini album. Left over is a bit of a harsh assessment as these offerings show us that the veterans clearly have a lot more left in the tank having been revitalised by the return of original vocalist Johan Längqvist in 2019.

The EP consists of three songs and three instrumentals which doesn’t seem much, but I am one who always believes in quality above quality. The title track kicks off proceedings with a spot of acoustic work on the guitar before giving us the doomfest we expect, full of shift changes and atmospherics with a tremendous chorus, a fine opening. The next track “Snakes of Goliath” drips and bleeds of Black Sabbath, with an sound akin to “Electric Funeral”.

There are two contrasting instrumental tracks next, the acoustic “Sub Zero” and the bass driven “Aftershock”, both relatively short and punchy. The final song is “Porcelain Skull”, and it gives us more a more upbeat state of doom and a catchy chorus, what more could you want? a tremendous guitar solo is the cherry on the top or the cake to this effort

We are played out with acoustic/keyboard based instrumental track called “The Cold Room” and it gives us a nice pleasant end to the EP, a bit like cleansing your palate before the next course.

Look, you know what you get on the tin when you listen to Candlemass, and this is another example of sludgery of the highest order. But even if you’re not a fan, I suggest you give this a listen.

I grew up on the debut Candlemass album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus and now that Längqvist is back in and established in the fold, I hope that they will kick on with more releases and
make sure that the future is bright, the future is Doom!

The Pendulum is out on March 27th – order it via Amazon and help support this site!

Candlemass: official | facebook | instagram | bandcamp

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