Album Review: Unholy Desecration – Unholy Horde

Rampaging through the Texas heartland like an army of Chaos Daemons are Unholy Desecration who soon unleash their full-length debut Unholy Horde which follows 2018’s EP Born Of Evil.

The album consists of ten tracks and is relentless from the outset. Take for instance the opening track “Praise My Hell”. It’s nearly six minutes of pure skull melting heaviness, but things do slow down slightly for “Bestial Lust”, “Dawn of Evil” and “As She Walks” which easily has the catchiest riff of any track on the album.

The halfway point of the album is where the title track “Unholy Horde” comes in. If ever there was an anthem for the Uruk-Hai this would be it. After “Blades of War” with its Amon Amarth undertones is “Sacrifice” which I found myself singing the chorus to at regular intervals after a few listens. Both “At One With Hell” and “Born Of Evil” are also noteworthy due to exceptional drumming.

The closing track “Seeds Of Rebellion” is almost a war cry summoning legions from the underworld, but in this realm is going to be a circle pit. This album is uncompromising and unapologetic in its brutality.

Unholy Horde is available now via Confused Records.

Unholy Desecration: facebook | reverbnation

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