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Album Review: Milk Teeth – Milk Teeth

British punk band Milk Teeth have returned with their long-awaited self titled follow up to acclaimed album Vile Child. The band has undergone a few changes in the in-between years with vocalist Becky being the only original member remaining. This album is somewhat of a rebirth for the band so let’s find out if this album can put the band back on the right track.

We open things with “Given Up”. This song has got a nice punchy sound to it with a fast pace and lyrics that Becky herself said to come from a period in her life where there was a lot of turmoil both professionally and personally. “Given Up” is Becky’s way of expressing all of those feelings in a constructive fashion and coming to the realization that it wasn’t all her fault. You can feel that and the song drives forward from verse to chorus. The simple but yet catchy construction of the song really puts the lyrics at the forefront of the song, which only lets them become more powerful.

“Flowers”, maintains the catchy fist-pumping sound and tempo, as the band bangs out a song that again feels personal to Becky. The middle section of the song allows both Em and Jack a chance to let the listener hear what they are all about. They don’t disappoint, with the drums pounding. The slick guitar tones and Becky’s deep sounding bass working as one to produce something with a real character to it and yet it still packs a real punch with its sound.

“Dilute” is the kind of song you can’t help but bang your head to. It’s raw rock sound and Becky’s deep meaningful words come through full of emotion and power saying, “Don’t try to tell me you know how I feel”. You can feel just how much emotion she’s putting into every word she says. I think this album is like a form of therapy for Becky getting all of the problems in her life, and in the band, out of her system and using them to create some brutally honest music.

The band provides some creative backing with this song, particularly Em Foster who, with her guitar work, shows why she fits so well with this band. She creates a delightful sound that just works with the emotion of this track. I hope this is a song they will bring to their live show as I think it will go down a storm with fans.

“Better” gives us a change, it’s much slower but yet still full of the emotional driving energy. It keeps the album moving along very nicely. Becky’s vocals on this song are outstanding and she, without question, proves why she is one of the best vocalists around today.

“Transparent” is one of three singles from this album. The emotional rollercoaster that is this album takes it up another notch. It’s got a funky sounding bass in its opening that helps build things in the verse till the chorus comes in, and what a chorus it is, it’s got quite the punch to it. Full of the emotion that this track is busting with on every song. There’s more to this song than “A silly little girl” that’s for sure, Becky is calling for more gender equality not only in society but especially in the male-dominated music industry where women don’t get much of a say, even in 2020. This song hopefully will inspire people who are calling for such changes to get together. Together they can make enough noise to make those in charge listen.

“Sharks” is a short punkish sounding song that keeps the album moving along nicely. As we pass the halfway point of the album. “Sharks” also gives you a chance to gather your thoughts and prepare yourself for the second part of the album.

“Medicine” with its more mid-tempo grove sound, and more relaxed vocals, keeps the slight change in style going. Becky with even more emotional energy. The chorus is where this song really stands out. With the really good use of backing vocals, it creates a sweet-sounding harmony that along with the swaying sound of the band makes for a nice little song. A song that’s going to be stuck in your head for a while afterwards.

The Nirvana sounding guitar tones of “Destroyer” ring out! You can feel the pain and suffering linked with this track. Not only with Becky’s aggressive lyrics but the screaming backing vocals. All the while the guitar tones seem calm till the chorus. With a middle section that reminds me so much of the Nevermind album, this is the band, at their most aggressive grunge, sounding best.

The two songs “Smoke” and “Circles” are really solid songs. “Smoke” has a nice tempo with a bit more of that grunge vibe to it. The band feels really tight and together on this track with some very nice sounding guitar tones that work so well with Becky’s bassline. It’s a really nice listen from start to finish. “Circles” kicks in with the more uptempo feel again and more heartfelt lyrics from Becky and it all leads into the last track “Wanna Be”.

The last track of the album doesn’t let up at all. Still full of raw emotion and feeling from Becky. The band still sounds as strong as they ever have, helped bring this emotional rollercoaster of an album to its powerful conclusion.

Milk Teeth have been to hell and back in the last few years but they are still here in some form. Through everything, they have mange to create a very powerful and provoking album.

Milk Teeth is out on March 27th via Music For Nations

Milk Teeth: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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