EP Review: Molly Karloff – Supernaturalation

Molly Karloff are a band that I should not like according to my musical tastes, but after hearing their debut EP Dancing for Money in 2018, I couldn’t help but press play, nod my head, tap my feet and before I knew it, shaking my ass on the dancefloor that was my living room. Molly Karloff are an alternative rock band mixed with some grunge and rock n roll influences that have seen the band expand their fanbase to a number of new territories. This meant that the band were soon under pressure to record a follow up to the successful debut EP. In March of this year, we shall get the opportunity to listen to what the band have come up with, and with vocalist Simon being the only original member since the debut, has this changed the sound of the band somewhat? Let’s find out and see.

Opening with the title track and using a baritone guitar, the stop-start riff hooks you right in from the off. The vocals of Simon Guillard are anthemic and immediately get you singing along as he really has an engaging voice and supports the music perfectly in tune. This song deserves to be heard for all those rockers who love the power of the riff and the sing-along choruses. I guarantee you that you will be punching your fist in the air singing along. Backed up by the formidable pairing of bassist Dan and drummer Jowie, this new line-up have already found a chemistry that will surely get them to bigger things. The sound of the recording by Neil Haynes at Parlour Studios is brilliant and every single note from the three-piece can be heard clearly. 

The second track “She Said” has all the hard rock things you would want in a hard rock song. Catchiness, riffs and choruses that will remain in your head for the rest of the day.  Simon’s clear vocal range combined with hard groovy riffs will surely enable this song and EP a lot of air time. It starts off slow and builds up to something special with Simon’s best vocals in the EP during the chorus. “Do You Wanna” is one for getting the crowd involved with sing-along verses and all the anthemic chants you would want in a song. First thoughts were of Green Day and Offspring with the catchiness and the punky style riffs and now that you know punk and hard rock can mix, you bet your ass you will be moving.

“Do It Again” is back to the groove after the punky overtones of the previous track where a Queen of the Stone Age style riff to it which emanated groove through my speakers with a capital GROOVE.  Again Molly Karloff know how to build the anticipation of waiting for the chorus before you lose it and smile and find yourself singing along to it. Final track “The Other Side” loses the speed of the groove to a certain extent and replaces it with catchability. I heard a wee bit of Sonic Temple era The Cult in there which is always a plus in my book and will get everyone off their asses to the dancefloor.

This EP may be my secret go-to when trying to impress a lady with its overall feel, catchiness and damn good songs to boot. Simon, Dan and Jowie have created an EP that will get them a lot of airtime, new fans and get them places that they would never have hoped of playing. Molly Karloff are going all out with extensive touring to promote this EP with the intention of “making it”. On the evidence of this colossal EP, Molly Karloff will not have to wait long. Good luck. I am away to try and find a lady to test out my theory.

Supernaturalation is out 6th March

Molly Karloff: official | facebook | fanlink

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