Album Review: Sylosis – Cycle of Suffering

Ladies and gentlemen, the return of British thrash champions – Sylosis.

After four years of what has felt like a lifetime for fans alike, they are back with the stunning new album Cycle of Suffering. An album name that summons the emotions we have been feeling while waiting for their return since Sylosis’ hiatus in 2016.

They smashed onto the metal circuit with an incredible debut in 2008 (Conclusion Of An Age), followed quickly by Edge Of The Earth, Monolith and then to what would be their apparent finale, Dormant Heart. Sylosis were a common discussion on forums and sites and thrashers everywhere have been hungry for more ever since. Finally, this particular fan has been able to hear the next chapter of the fan appointed kings of the British thrash scene.

From the start, the entire album is unrelenting. Just ten seconds into the album, “Empty Prophets” fill the soundscape with an adrenaline pumping intro before Middleton smashes in with a tasteful hardcore bite. This album feels like an evolution for the band. There are more tech aspects akin to French counterparts Gojira and the guitar melodies are approached with intricate purpose and flair. I can’t speak highly enough of the skill showcased on this album from all members. Notably, newer UK titans Conjurer’s bassist joins forces with Josh Middleton, Ali Richardson and Alex Bailey on this musical spectacle.

There are still plenty of staccato picked metalcore riffs to keep the older fans happy, however, I have no doubt that Cycle Of Suffering will bring a wave of newer fans along to enjoy the ride.

Although the songs are masterfully written, the production is nothing to be ignored either. The album feels like it is within its own space in time and the atmosphere is sufficiently dark. There is room, breath and clarity in the pounding rhythm of the drums and I found myself going back to listen to the introduction in the title track more than once.

My only gripe with this new album is that, personally, I felt it may overstay its welcome towards the end of the 51 minutes of onslaught in one sitting. It does have calmer moments, however there wasn’t particularly much diversity on the whole. Still, that will be more than perfect for many, many metal heads out there. Also, by no means do I mean there is a bad song on here.

Cycle Of Suffering is a triumph in British heavy metal that lives up to the insane amount of hype and pushes the expectations of the band to a whole new level. Full of passion and bucket loads of talent, Sylosis are no doubt going to be on the table for album of the year. What a start to 2020.

Cycle of Suffering is out on February 7th – get it from Amazon and support this site!

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