Album Review: Aether Void – Curse of Life

Italy is producing a lot of metal bands these days, and you can add Aether Void to the list. Plopping themselves right into the middle of the classic/modern metal genre, they don’t try to break any molds, just make full use of the one they’ve chosen to shape their sound.

There are the obvious audible influences such as Maiden and Priest, the former being a noticeable one in “What You Reap And Deserve”, though that’s not to say that Aether Void lack originality. They certainly know how to write a good tune and there are some particularly good ones on here.

“Twisted Maze”, for instance, has that great live feel to it. A great opening riff before the drums kick in, it’s the perfect number for the band to get a crowd riled up before the full band and vocals kick in. Check out the video below to judge for yourself.

I particularly like “One Last Dawn” which follows it. A slower number, it’s loaded with metal atmospherics and reminds me more of Stone Sour than any of the classic bands. Possibly the lightest track on Curse of Life, it’s also the most accomplished. If the intro to “Faithless Crusade” makes you think of “Peace Sells” then you’re not alone (it’s nowhere near identical but there’s definitely a wiff!), but the track itself is a different beast. Some nice guitar work and a couple of tempo changes make it quite an interesting song.

“The Eternal City” is a bit of a belter, and every bit as good is album closer “Angels Die Too”. It’s a great “here’s everything we have” way to end things and shows the band off well.

Overall, Curse of Life is accomplished, well polished and has a few really good tracks on it.

Curse of Life is out now, and if you grab it from Amazon then you’ll help support this site.

Aether Void: officialfacebook | instagram | youtube | spotify

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