EP Review: She Burns Red – Take Back Tomorrow

We’ve encountered She Burns Red a few times before as they seem to be very active around Edinburgh, headlining and supporting at many gigs. As 2020 rolls around, the band have had a bit of a lineup change, introducing Jay from the sadly scuppered The King Lot on guitars alongside ex-Amorette Hannah McKay on drums. Hey, if you’re trying to build a good team then you go for the best players (someone please tell this to Mike Ashley, thanks).

The new-shaped band have just released a new EP, the rousingly titled Take Back Tomorrow. Four tracks are featured, and they’ve been helped with the production by none other than Toby Jepson. The first thing I can tell you is that the addition of Toby’s experienced hands have made a huge difference in the quality of the sound on this EP over their previous releases. That’s not to slight their older material, Take Back Tomorrow just has that extra polish and is all the better for it.

Gary mentioned in a live review some time ago that She Burns Red were like The Foo Fighters with bite (or similar). Hark back to one or two of their early songs and they were like the Foo Fighters with bite and one or two of the Foo Fighters’ riffs buried away in there as well! With Take Back Tomorrow the Edinburgh band have firmly stamped their own boot on the ground and defined a sound that’s definitely theirs. While still in the hard rock camp, there’s a nice little rough punk edge and some added bounce. As ever, the lyrics are edgy and personal making them well worth listening to, not just singing along with.

“Copernicus Falls” is a decent opener, giving it laldy right at the start before becoming a bit more of a slow builder. “Crosshairs” is a little more melodic and owes a little more to The Wildhearts than The Foos. But it’s with “Gone” that the band truly show their colours. This is the song that’s going to blow you away live. Raucous, catchy, angry, driving… this is how you write a rock song. It’s almost a shame that “Tell Me How It Ends” has to follow it, as this otherwise cracker of a track loses impact in comparison. It’s still brilliant, though.

Header image by Adrian Mcnab

Take Back Tomorrow is out now.

She Burns Red: officialfacebook | twitter | instagrambandcamp | soundcloud | spotify


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