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EP Review: MARW – MARW

MARW were some of the nicest guys we met at Bloodstock, annoyingly young, annoyingly pleasant and annoyingly talented. They told us a bit about themselves in the runup to 2019’s event, and dropped us a CD before they went to scare the crowds.

They label themselves “blackened atmospheric metal” and there is plenty of atmosphere in opener “A Very Human Exit”. It’s over halfway through the track before you realise that it’s not an instrumental and the screamed vocals kick in. However, when they depart the atmosphere changes and the band really get to show that they’re not stuck in a violent rut.

There are only two other tracks on the EP and both, coincidentally I assume, clock in at six minutes and eleven seconds. “Y Gân Marw” is instantly more face-shreddy than the first track and includes “smashed riffs, harsh screams and blast beats” (as promised by the band in the interview we did with them) in the opening moments. It’s altogether a more evil beast than that which came before, but in its quieter moments it still allows a sense of horror to slip into your pores.

“Propagation” rounds things off, and sounds like it’s being played from the bowels of Hell itself. The kind of rhythm that’s so fast you end up nodding along slowly to it, this is as good as the first two tracks but doesn’t lose any musicality by dint of being ferocious.

Just the three tracks, but each one a cracking example of what deliciously evil music is being brewed up on Merseyside these days.

MARW: facebook | bandcamp

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