Album Review: Veil of Conspiracy – Me, Us and Them

A year on from its release, we received a copy of Italian metal band Veil of Conspiracy’s latest album and were promised good things. Their own style pulls from various genres and influences, just as Katatonia, Opeth, and Nevermore so it promises to be something heavy and doomy. And it is.

After a brief ethereal opener, the first proper track “Mine Forever” sets things up well. Atmospheric to begin with, it descends in a dark pit by the end. Slow, rumbling, grindingly heavy beats ensure this one generates plenty of banging heads. “How To Find The Light” brings back the clean vocals and acoustic guitars to start, sounding very much like a prog track in its first half. But as the track proceeds, the tempo speeds up, the drums kick in and the edgier electric guitars add to the sound.

I’m more a fan of the heavier tone on the album, but it does work well with the lighter stuff and with almost every track I find my foot tapping or (more often) my head nodding at the steady beat leads us into the next song. There is some great songwriting on here, and plenty to keep your brain busy following the rhythmic and stylistic changes.

Veil of Conspiracy are all about flinging things together and seeing how they mix. Sometimes they blend, sometimes they collide. Almost always, they work. Clean and harsh vocals are used to good effect, and the guitar solos are crisp and complex. The vastly opposing sounds bouncing back and forth may not appeal to some, but for those who like the disjointed style of this kind of music… you’re in for a treat.

Me, Us and Them is out now

Veil of Conspiracy: facebook | spotify | bigcartel


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