Album Review: Extinction – The Apocalypse Mark

Formed in 1995 in Italy, Extinction released an EP in 1996 and their first album a whopping 20 years later in 2017! They followed it up with this release, The Apocalypse Mark towards the end of 2019 and I recently got my paws on a CD copy.

The band cite Sepultura amongst their influences, and if you recall the earlier releases of Brazil’s finest then this is where you’ll feel it the most. Not just the thrashier sound of later releases, but the more brutal death tones are present. However, they’re not limited in scope and they throw in plenty of melodic outbursts and traditional metal solos.

There’s also a nice variety in the subject matter of the songs. The title track rails against misuse of modern tech (as does later track “Hell Behind a Screen”), “Mad Jack” is Sabaton-esque in covering a war hero (though… erm… much as the song refers to bagpipes, glens and highlands the man himself wasn’t actually Scottish), “No Crimes in Paradise” delves into serial killer territory (I think Andrei Chikatilo), “Staged Terror Attacks” rails against so-called false flag operations… All pretty angry and the type of thing you’d expect from a band at the heavier end of the scale.

Wrapped around all the topics are some nice heavy beats. There are some interesting uses of rhythm, such as in “Hidden Dictature”. Despite the fast guitars and double-kicks on the drums, the bass has a slower pace. Essentially, you can go mad to this track or you can listen to it with a slow nod. Neither is wrong! Whammy bar dives, blistering solos and crazy rhythms all come courtesy of the six-stringers in the group, and the vocals are nice and throaty yet decipherable.

While not the most original of albums – but what is, these days? – it’s enjoyable enough and should appeal to those who like something that sounds evil but manages to be cerebral at the same time.

The Apocalypse Mark is out now. Grab it at Amazon and help us buy beer!

Extinction: officialfacebook | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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