EP Review: Revogar – Conqueror of the Unholy Light

Premiering on YouTube on January 1st at 9pm in the UK (click the link and get it to remind you), and available digitally from all the usual suspects afterwards (including via Amazon [sponsored link]) is the new brutal EP from Brazil’s Revogar.

Now black death metal isn’t quite my forté so excuse me if I don’t liken the tracks to any well-known influences, but what did strike me was how well-produced all five are. The layering is superb with harsh vocals, kicking drums, a throbbing bassline and either sawtooth or strident guitars all intermingling perfectly throughout each.

It’s an angry, forceful release – typical of the genre – with plenty of rhythm to instil the urge to headbang, and Revogar seem to have limited themselves to “roughly three minutes” per song so they never outstay their welcome. If anything, I found myself just getting into things when the music stopped and the next track kicked in. Definitely one for repeated listens.

The lyrical content likely won’t please to too many die-hard Christians, but this tends to go with the black metal territory and in typical form you’d need a lyrics sheet to understand many of them anyway! Regardless, vocalist Antonio Marcos uses his voice as a tool covering a variety of disgusting styles with his growls and wails constantly powering over the pounding music.

Fifteen minutes of belting black metal – from a truly independent band – for a fiver is something well worth supporting, especially when it’s this good.

Revogar: facebook | twitterinstagram | soundcloud | bandcamp | spotify | youtube

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